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Larry Goes Over to 'The Dark Side'

Well, exactly what did you expect from "The Dark Lord of the Web" (a moniker bestowed upon me a number of years ago by World Vision's president, Rich Stearns), anyway?   ShBlog: Let's Get Siri-ous
It's true. Through circumstances beyond my control, I have finally been forced to start using a MacBook Pro, iPad2, and iPhone4S.

And, while I still respect the PC, I have to admit that I'm falling in love with these Apple devices.

I became so concerned about my budding relationship with "Siri," the iPhone4S' sexy "intelligent voice agent," that I decided I should try and use her to strengthen my real-world relationship with my real, flesh-and-blood wife.

Read my ShBlog post about the hilarity that ensued.

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Larry Short is New Media Strategist and "web guru" for World Vision's Media Relations Division. He and his wife Darlene also serve as college pastors at Elim Evangelical Free Church in Puyallup, Washington.