Larry and Darlene ShortThe best advice I can think of about computers is to raise children who know more about them than you do ... so much that they can fix them when they break down.

Also, remember that a computer is just a tool. Don't be afraid to try doing different things to it to see if you can break it. That's how you learn with computers. (Of course, what you learn may be that you're very sorry you broke it ...)

Also, computers get cheaper all the time ... but you can't wait until they're cheaper to jump in. Never buy the newest and greatest technology (at top dollar) ... always wait until it is second-best.

Don't pay for high-priced consultants and fancy software application developers. I can guarantee that if you can't do exactly what you want to do now with off-the-shelf software, or something you find for free on the internet, wait a few months and you'll be able to. Plus, there's no substitute for your own good old-fashioned ingenuity.

The internet is a wonderful and amazing place. Also, a very dangerous place. Never trust someone you met on the internet. And watch out for pornography and other lies.

Some final tips: Don't invest in Macs unless you are a fancy graphic designer with money to burn. Don't invest in CP/M over DOS (I did that back in the late 80s.) Don't buy dedicated word processing machines costing thousands of dollars (I did that too). Realize that whatever you buy will be obsolete soon, though you may still be able to use it for whatever purpose you bought it for.

Remember that Jesus saves. (And so should you, frequently, if you value what you're working on.) And, for goodness' sake, learn how to type the right way!

Photo above: One of many websites I've worked on. Computers and the internet have made my dream of "no limits" publishing become a reality.